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Reimagining the Galleries for the Art of the Ancient Near East and Cyprus

The Met’s galleries for Ancient Near Eastern Art have temporarily closed in preparation for the new renovation project which will reenvision the collection for a new generation of visitors.

In 2022, the Departments of Ancient Near Eastern Art and Greek and Roman Art embarked on a conceptual and physical renovation of galleries that house collections that span over 10,000 years of history. The reimagined installation will introduce an innovative and forward-thinking approach to the display of ancient art from the island of Cyprus and from West Asia—a vast region that includes ancient Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Syria, the Eastern Mediterranean coast, Yemen, and Central Asia. By bringing these two major collection areas into dialogue with each other and with surrounding collections, this project will highlight the many connections among ancient cultures in these regions. The dynamic reinstallation will present new research and diverse narratives that contextualize objects within their own time as well as within contemporary discourse.

The 15,000-square-foot space will feature architectural and design elements that reflect the materials and geographic origins of the works of art on view; it will also invite people to gather and engage with art and history from multiple perspectives. Preparation and construction work are now underway. The galleries are scheduled to open in 2026.

Stay up-to-date on gallery closures by checking the Museum map as you plan your visit, and return to this page for additional information about this project as it unfolds.

"NADAAA’s intervention enters into the complex discussion of what role a museum plays in today's world." — Architectural Record

"The renovation will also bring these two major collection areas into dialogue with each other, reflecting areas of interconnection between their cultures in antiquity." — The Metropolitan Museum of Art

"The Metropolitan Museum of Art is planning a $40 million initiative to renovate its Ancient Near East and Cypriot galleries...." — New York Times


Designing Tomorrow’s Met: Nader Tehrani

Listen to Nader Tehrani's lecture for a deep dive into the innovative renovation of The Met’s galleries for Ancient Near Eastern and Cypriot Art. Over his nearly three-decade-long career, Tehrani has been dedicated to the research of materiality, labor, and technology as forms of cultural production, and he has used materials in consistently surprising and meaningful ways. Together Tehrani, NADAAA staff, and Met Colleagues are developing a radical and enduring approach to presenting the objects. Tehrani’s vision strives to contextualize a framework for the works, alluding to their original setting in time and place. The presentation is followed by a brief discussion with Kim Benzel, Curator in Charge, Department of Ancient Near Eastern Art, and Sean Hemingway, John A. and Carole O. Moran Curator in Charge, Department of Greek and Roman Art.