About The Met/ Contact Information

Contact Information

The Met Fifth Avenue
1000 Fifth Avenue
New York, New York 10028-0198
Phone: 212-535-7710

The Met Cloisters
99 Margaret Corbin Drive
Fort Tryon Park
New York, New York 10040
Phone: 212-923-3700

Phone: 212-570-3949
Email: MetEventTix@metmuseum.org

Phone: 212-570-3756
Fax: 212-570-3972
Email: education@metmuseum.org

For information about visits for adult, school, and camp groups, see Group Visits.

Family Programs
Phone: 212-570-3961
Email: familyprograms@metmuseum.org

Fax: 212-650-2763
Email: academic.programs@metmuseum.org

Internships for College Students at The Met Cloisters
Phone: 212-650-2280
Email: cloistersinterns@metmuseum.org

Internships for College and Graduate Students at The Met Fifth Avenue
Phone: 212-570-3710
Email: mmainterns@metmuseum.org

Internships for High School Students
Phone: 212-650-2330
Email: highschoolinterns@metmuseum.org

K–12 Educator Programs
Phone: 212-570-3985
Email: teachers@metmuseum.org

Events at The Cloisters
Information for Visitors with Disabilities at The Cloisters: 212-923-3700

Programs and Group Visits for Visitors with Disabilities
Phone: 212-650-2010
Email: access@metmuseum.org

Public and Exhibition Programs (Free Lectures, Symposia, Sundays at the Met)
Information: 212-396-5460
Email: lectures@metmuseum.org

Studio Programs and Workshops
Phone: 212-396-5460
Email: studioprograms@metmuseum.org

Teen Programs
Phone: 212-650-2330
Email: teenprograms@metmuseum.org

Volunteer Office
Phone: 212-570-3954
Email: volunteers@metmuseum.org

For press and media inquiries only

Phone: 212-570-3951
Fax: 212-472-2764
Email: communications@metmuseum.org

Phone: 212-570-3956
Fax: 212-396-5040
Email: development@metmuseum.org

Benefit Events
Phone: 212-570-3948
Fax: 212-396-5040
Email: benefits.tickets@metmuseum.org

Corporate Patron Program
Phone: 212-570-3947
Fax: 212-396-5040
Email: corporate.patrons@metmuseum.org

Curatorial Friends Groups
Phone: 212-650-2075
Fax: 212-396-5040
Email: friends.groups@metmuseum.org

Exhibition Sponsorship
Phone: 212-650-2390
Fax: 212-396-5040
Email: sponsor.exhibitions@metmuseum.org

The Fund for The Met
Phone: 212-396-5305
Fax: 212-396-5040
Email: fundforthemet@metmuseum.org

Gifts in Honor or in Memory
Phone: 212-570-3956
Fax: 212-396-5040
Email: development@metmuseum.org

National Outreach
Phone: 212-396-5305
Fax: 212-396-5040
Email: fundforthemet@metmuseum.org

Planned Giving
Phone: 212-570-3796
Fax: 212-396-5040
Email: planned.giving@metmuseum.org

Real Estate Council
Phone: 212-570-3947
Fax: 212-396-5040
Email: realestate.council@metmuseum.org

Travel with The Met
Fax: 212-396-5040
Email: travelwiththemet@metmuseum.org

Phone: 212-570-3753
Fax: 212-570-3965
Email: membership@metmuseum.org

The Met Apollo Circle
Phone: 212-650-2371
Email: apollo.circle@metmuseum.org

The Met Family Circle
Phone: 212-650-2372
Fax: 212-396-5040
Email: family.circle@metmuseum.org

Email: Info@metmuseum.org
Email: Feedback@metmuseum.org
Email: Onlinetickets@metmuseum.org

For information about visits for adult, school, and camp groups, see Group Visits.

Written inquires should be directed to Human Resources at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, attn: Recruitment. For more information, see Career Opportunities.

Phone: 212-650-2285

See Image Resources to request Museum images for educational, scholarly, and publication purposes, and for contact information.

See Libraries and Study Centers for information about the facilities, including their hours and contact information.

See The Met Store's Customer Service page for contact information.