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A library with shelves of books and a bust to the left made in the tradition of a Greek and Roman sculpture

The Onassis Library for Hellenic and Roman Art

The Onassis Library is a noncirculating research facility housing twelve thousand volumes for the study of Greek and Roman Art. The collection specializes in early archaeological literature, exhibition and auction catalogues, sculpture, and vase painting. Included are rare books, photographs, and extensive archival holdings; among them, the Kelekian Archives and the Piero Tozzi Archives.

The collection began in 1909 when the Classical Department was established. It has been developed by the generosity of curators, colleagues, and the Department of Greek and Roman Art's Philodoroi friends group. A 1996 gift from the Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation permitted the Museum to transform the collection of books into a library.

Materials are accessible to Museum staff, graduate students, and qualified researchers by appointment only. Requests for access to archival holdings should be sent via email and should include a brief summary of the research project, an outline of sources already consulted, and a curriculum vitae or résumé. Access is granted at the discretion of departmental staff and certain materials may be restricted.

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